Learn Kahuna Bodywork 

Live a healthy, more focussed energetic life while connecting with others

New complete package for only $249


Kahunaman Bodywork online course

Learn Kahuna Bodywork level 1&2 with this easy to learn instructional online course step by step.

Bodywork Content

Watch new Kahunaman Bodywork  content here and be inspired with gay massage and gorgeous men. 

Kahunaman Workshop

Experience and learn watching a filmed workshop for you to enjoy with this awesome group of gay guys.  

Floor Massage Routine

Learn floor massage bodywork routine and stretch, no table needed.

Complete package for $249

Get the complete package including level 1&2 online course, bodywork content, workshop content, floor massage routine, naked yoga and training content. 

training content

To keep you inspired with massage training with sexy guys. Perfect for a beginner. 

Naked Beach Yoga

Naked Beach Yoga easy to follow visual movements 


Each course is full of detailed information that is easy to follow containing step by step instruction. Workshop style content is added to give extra insight and information helping you to perfect your form and correct any mistakes you may be making.  

online course


Kahunaman is more than just bodywork, it's a lifestyle. Be inspired with health, fitness, wellbeing and bodywork. 

Watch bodywork content only available here, the ultimate gay mens massage experience. 

bodywork content


Want to learn more about Kahunaman and do free course lesson? Discover more here


Taking part in a Kahunaman workshop is one of the most unique and awesome experiences you can have with other gay guys. Learn, watch and enjoy in this beautifully filmed Kahunaman workshop with a group of gorgeous gay men. An absolute pleasure to watch and you also get to learn some basic Kahuna moves.  Great for a beginner. 

kahunaman workshop

Learn to give a floor massage bodywork routine

Try this floor massage and stretch routine today at home. No massage table is needed and you can do this routine right now. Course includes bonus bodywork content. 

floor massage routine

Naked Beach Yoga

Watch, follow and learn naked yoga beautifully filmed at nude beach Balding Bay on Magnetic Island. Visual only with the sound of the ocean backdrop. Great for beginners. 

naked beach yoga

Training Content 

To keep you inspired and help you learn some basic Kahuna movements teaching with sexy guys. Perfect for anyone just starting. 

training content

Complete package 

Get the complete package with level 1&2 online course, bodywork content, workshop content, floor massage routine, naked yoga and training content. Start learning today. 

complete package

Keep updated as Kahunaman grows. 

The idea of Kahunaman is to build a community of gay men that learn and share Kahuna Bodywork with each other. With the focus being on health, fitness, wellbeing and bodywork. I look forward to sharing more with you as Kahunaman grows. 

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