Breathwork and Self touch

Learn new breathwork techniques, including self touch and pleasuring working with sexual energy.Ā 

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Activation exercisesĀ 

Learn activation exercises that build and create more sexual energy

Breathwork and self touch

Learn breathwork style, self touch and pleasure. Fully guided sessions to follow including ejaculation.Ā 

new bodywork contentĀ 

Enjoy bonus bodywork content in this breathwork and self touch courseĀ 

Explore your body with touch and breathwork

Create and build more sexual energy with breathwork, self touch and pleasuring. Learn this new breathwork style that incorporates self pleasure to awaken your body and spirit. You can do this practice on your own or with your partner. This is a fully guided breathwork and self pleasure content experience with over 110 minutes of content.Ā 

With added bodywork contentĀ 

Enjoy new added bodywork content that also explores tantric breathwork with your partner.Ā 

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Build and create more sexual energy in your life with this new content for only $69

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