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This full package includes Level 1&2, bodywork content, floor massage routine, naked yoga and training content. 


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Level 1&2

Complete front, back and under body lessons of Kahuna bodywork. Full instruction for learning. 

Bodywork Content

Inspirational bodywork content with gorgeous massage models 

Workshop Content 

Learn and enjoy watching workshop content with a group of sexy guys

Floor Massage Routine 

Learn how to Massage and body stretch on the floor without a table 

Naked Yoga Routine 

Be inspired with this yoga routine to get your body warmed up and moving

Training content  

Newly added one on one training content to keep you motivated to learn 



All The Content You Need To Start Massaging and Bodywork Today!  

For the low price of only $249 you can start learning bodywork right now and be massaging your partner and friends, professionally or just for your own pleasure. (Nude oil floor not included)


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