Mens Retreat

Join a mens weekend retreat and get to experience and learn bodywork, meditation, breathwork, yoga and Shabiri rope work. 

Special price only $89

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Amazing group of men

Join this amazing group of men on this mens retreat and take part on the journey

Beautiful retreat setting

Enjoy following the mediation, breathwork and yoga in this beautiful natural location

Bodywork workshops

Learn while watching 2 bodywork workshops, both front and back of body 


Learn to massage in this easy to follow bodywork workshop

Follow the bodywork workshop and learn while you watch. Feel like you are taking part in this retreat, and see what it's like to follow a massage workshop in real time. 

Over 3 hours of mens retreat content to watch

Included in the package is morning mens meditation, breathwork, yoga and Shabari rope workshop. Feel like you are taking part in a real time mens retreat. All for only $89. 

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take part in this mens retreat weekend now for the special price of $89

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