Naked Beach Yoga  

Watch, follow and learn this beautifully filmed naked yoga routine at nude beach Balding Bay on stunning Magnetic Island in Queensland. Easy to follow visual only movements with standing poses, sitting poses and sun salutation routine. Perfect for anyone trying yoga for the first time. Only $15.95

Watch Naked Beach yoga Now $15.95

Naked Yoga and Floor Massage Bodywork Routine Combo 

Try Naked Yoga on it's own or also the floor Bodywork massage and stretch routine combo together at special price of $34.95 


Naked Beach Yoga 

Sitting poses, standing poses and sun salutation routine with over 35 minutes of easy to follow visual movements filmed on stunning Magnetic Island. 


Be inspired 

Visual movements with the sound of the ocean as your backdrop, perfect for anyone new to yoga.

Naked Yoga and floor Massage Bodywork combo

Try naked yoga and floor bodywork combo together for only $34.95

Naked Yoga and Floor Bodywork Combo

Try Naked Yoga and also Floor Bodywork Massage combo only $34.95

Naked yoga Combo $34.95