Nude oil floor bodywork

Learn and enjoy this bodywork style on the floor which requires no massage table. Is a great skill to share with your partner, lover or a client. Easy to watch, learn and follow for only $69

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Share with your partner 

This bodywork is perfect to share with someone special or someone new

Learn a new skill

Easy to follow visual full nude floor bodywork that requires no massage table

Intimacy and connection

Is a great way to allow more intimacy and connection with your partner

Back of the body

Learn how to give bodywork on the back of the body. This style allows for more connection, fun and intimacy while still giving a great massage. 

Front of the body

Learn and enjoy to give front massage with this full nude bodywork instructional visual lesson. Easy to learn and follow.

New added bonus content 

Back of the body nude oil floor bodywork on  Jean to keep you inspired. And front of the body on Josef.

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start practicing today on your partner, boyfriend, lover or client for only $69. 

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