Experience a Kahunaman Workshop 

Learn some basic Kahuna Bodywork movements and also get to experience what it's like to take part in a workshop with a beautiful group of gay men! 

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In this workshop you will get 

15 minute instruction to learn some basic Kahuna Bodywork movements.

30 minutes of workshop content on the back of the body in a dynamic and fun workshop event.

15 minutes of free flowing bodywork on the front of the body.

Over an hour of content to enjoy with a beautifully filmed workshop with a group of gorgeous gay men. 

 bonus 18 minute bodywork front and back of body video

enjoy the fun of a workshop 

experience all the fun of a Kahunaman Bodywork workshop 

learn some basic kahuna bodywork

with a 15 minute instruction you can try some bodywork at home


watch amazing guys do bodywork

enjoy all the beautiful guys in the workshop learning Kahuna Bodywork 

Bonus bodywork video

enjoy this bonus full bodywork video to inspire, watch and learn 

Enjoy this workshop now 

Enjoy this unique experience of a Kahunaman Bodywork workshop 

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